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Supply & Fit

Eco Design Group offers a reliable and customer-friendly service to supply and fit for your dream home. We want to help you achieve the home of your dreams.

Our Supply and Fit Service

Bathroom and kitchen renovation may look like complex processes – But not to us!

We invite you to enjoy the experience we offer and make your bathroom and kitchen not just for simple use, but as another great part of your living space. 

You can choose goods, such as tiles, taps, showers, sinks and other goods, from our partners. The most fun part of this process is shopping for dream items within the set budget we provide to make it the process even more simple and streamlined.

Why Choose Eco Design Group?

Fixed budget

No unexpected billing for goods, materials and services. No extra fees for unplanned works that may occur during the process.

Our responsibility

We take care of the design for your home and choose the most suitable goods towards your budget.

No stress

No more hard work in deciding products, waiting for deliveries and thinking about layout options.

Advice & solutions

We will oversee and handle all possible issues, and offer advise on the best layout, design and product options.

A more enjoyable process

We can make this process as great and enjoyable of an adventure as possible! We do understand how complicated, stressful and messy supplying and fitting your home can be – Not with us, since we keep things fun and simple!

All included in the budget

Our fixed quote includes the following to be arranged in the process: goods, tiles, labour, building materials, rubbish removal, cleaning up after ourselves, deliveries, design and most importantly, after-sales service and warranty.

Reliable work no matter where you are

We work effectively, no matter the situation. Even if you are abroad or your property is tenanted, we will confidently take care of the work for you over distance and update you on how we are doing as often as you would like!

Our Supply and Fit services include and are not limited to the following*

* If you have a project that doesn’t fit into the above categories, we can still offer advice and solutions that may match your needs. Our design, architectural and construction teams are happy and ready to help you realise the potential of your ideas, no matter what the scope and scale.

For further enquiries please get in touch


“Exceptional-workmanship, attention to detail, imaginative design and a work ethic which is hard to find We are absolutely delighted with the finished product which exceeded our expectations”

– Angela

“the work was conducted during lockdown supplies and material was difficult but Vilius persevered and the workmanship was of a very high standard”

– Colin