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Interior Design

Our interior design services bring together the vast knowledge and skills of our builders and designers.

Your Design Journey

Our Interior Design services promises to bring together the vast knowledge and skills of our builders and designers. All our designers have years of experience in the industry making the process for you as smooth as possible.

We strive to help make homes that match the thoughts and personalities of our clients. It’s recommended that you start by consulting with one of our interior designers to see how we can work to achieve your vision and dream for your home.

Call us or visit our showroom to claim your FREE consultation or click on the button below to consult with one of our designers.

Please check out below some of our latest designs we have done for our clients.

This is one of latest kitchen designs, a very unique design with a mix of royal blue and wood – looks absolutely stunning!

This is a beautiful bathroom design using some of our most premium tiles to give it that wow factor and overall luxurious feel.

Here is another bathroom design with the aim of utilising the limited space as much as possible and including everything a modern bathroom needs.

This was an office design utilising a mix between modern and traditional themes to give the space some character and make you feel more at home.

This is the same office design taken from the other angle.

This is one of our latest kitchen designs – as you can see we have utilised the space very well with the aim of enhancing the lighting.

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Our Process

1. Get in Touch

You can start by getting in touch with us by phone, email or social media. We will then get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your ideas and appoint a qualified and experienced designer for you to work their magic.

2. Approachable Staff

Our team here at Eco Design are very approachable and understanding so they will guide in the best and most effective way to make that dream of yours a reality. Take your time to figure out what you would want and how to achieve it, there is absolutely no rush.

3. Set Design Goals

Once you and your designer have decided on the best outcome for your project, you can arrange an appointment for our designers and our fitters to begin your interior design goals for your dream home.

4. The Power is in Your Hands

You can sit back and relax while we take it from here or you can choose to be how involved.

At Eco Design, we let our customers have the freedom to choose how involved they would like to be during the process. Whether you want to sit back and relax and watch it all unfold or you really want to get stuck in – the power is in your hands.